Aeternum Trade Company

Trading, gathering, crafting and more. As guest or member, join us, and become part of something bigger!
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About the company

Aeternum Trade Company is an English speaking EU company with the core philosophy of trade. No crafting? No worries! We are a PvX company, so we do more than that and everyone is welcome to join us! We will have dedicated roles for various activities.

These activities range from PvP to defend our region, to running PvE content, in order to obtain the mods we need as well as to generally progress as a company. With experienced leaders and a knack of common sense, ATC will strife to become the foundation of trade on Sculptor.

Besides that, ATC will also occasionally develop and publicize tools to better manage our activities.
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A social place

ATC is a social place. We have a Discord used for more than just trade. We like to chat and hang around, and occasionally play games other than New World just to switch things up and have fun.

We have no-toxicity and no-drama policies in this company, as we are not a place for negativity but to have fun! Whether you've got a question about a game mechanic or need help with a quest or dungeon, there will always be someone willing to help


We will always try our best to keep things active and fun. As such we frequently try to schedule social or game events. The entire point of playing games is to have fun. So true to the MMO experience, we will do just that!